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Seasonal Changes and Sustainable Values

By Nicole Stitcha on Sep 16, 2019
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As the season changes our sustainable values stay the same.

Sustainable Interiors

Ever heard of the term slow fashion ? Consciously purchasing good quality clothes, less of them or re- using and making good items last ?

Now apply that to interiors. Same process but I call it Slow Living. Conciously changing our perceptions to choose interiors that look after our land and sea yet still have the same detail, quality, longevity and scandi high design.

As we find new smaller spaces to get onto the property ladder we also find new ways to create a sustainable home. Less impact on the footprint, less space and more freedom.

Instead of purchasing from polyester, mass produced, and unfortunate amounts of waistage from some companies  stitcha allows you to make a high statement in your Tiny Space with The Adventurist Collection without comprimising your values, our values.

Using only Organic GOTS Cotton and British printers that promote sustainability values this is only the start of our values. Porviding all the same options as our mass produced friends out there, blackout , fire retardant non blackout.

But with two main differences.

Coastal and Travel designs fusioned with the scandi and minimalistic style.

A future of sustainable collections which look after our land and sea. Whether that be the current GOTS Organic Cotton that ensures a much higher value than the Organic Cotton out there that does not always abide by the full certificated measures this GOTS ensures that the fabric I use has been given the Global Green standard in the which the Organic Cotton is produced.


Fabric which looks after our land and sea.

New fabric is now being tested which will ensure our land and sea is looked after. It is a process, ensuring you the customer has the same quality, the same print finish and the same fire safety standards.



Stitcha creates sustianable interiors for Tiny Spaces for the female and couple adventurer out there who has that urge to create tiny, live slow and care sustainably.


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