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Make Your Own Nordic Wreath

By Nicole Stitcha on Dec 06, 2019
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Creating your own Nordic Wreath is the perfect way to get outdoors, be sustainable this christmas and enjoy advent, the lead up to christmas which is just as special as the beautiful day.

When living tiny you need just the right touches to compliment your small space and this nordic wreath can be made to the size you desire. This is easier to do than expected, relaxing, creative and even for the non creative … fun. Plus the foraging gets you out in the fresh air on these shorter darker days which is alwas good for us.

Begin by forading for your chosen foliage. I chose ferns, berries and some holly for this one.

Top Tip: Choose varying shades, textures, and sizes of foliage it adds depth to your wreath.


I used a wire wreath base which came as one ring and I cut the middle spokes to create one large and one small.

Although made from wire and not sustainable, this aslong as never thrown away will be used forever, time and time again. Each year you simply take your foliage off and re use the next year creating a long lasting sustainable item.

Alternatively you can go and explore for a nice bendy twig and bind together with some garden wire.

Top Tip: If using outside for long periods of time invest in galvanises wire, otherwise use garden and floral wire.



Take your wire or twig ring …


Slowly start to add your foliage. Use the wire and plyers to wrap and bend in place. I always place the wire at the bottom of the stem and then if a long piece once again half way through, you will feel if it needs to be before or after on the second point depending on if you want any extra stems to spray out or not.

Top Tip, always make the leaves point in the same direction.

Continue this process, and build up as much as you like.

Remember : You can choose to have foliage all the way around, in a crescent shape or in a semi circle half shape.


Next add your berries, these are fun and a little tricky so be patient here. Makesure your berries have a stalk on them, always attach to a strong part of your stems and you will be able to tuck where needed. Using the wire you will be able to fix firmly in place.


To add a little scent to your tiny space on the smaller nordic wreath I added a tradition of theres with some rosemary. With a great light streak and amazing smell, this was a great way to create a lighter wreath.

Then simply tie a piece of twine or recycled ribbon to the top of your wreath.

Top Tip: Cut your desired length and fold in half, then tie the raw end in a knot. Take your ring and loop and pull the twine so that the raw knotted end is at the top. This keeps the twine firmly in place.

And then your Nordic Wreath is ready for your Tiny Space. Simply hang on your wall or in your window and enjoy a touch of hygge in your home.

#mystitcha and your wreath on instagram page so we can see your makes in your tiny spaces.

Enjoy and Happy Christmas





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