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Tiny Space Cooking – Norwegian Muesli

By Nicole Stitcha on Apr 14, 2020
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Lag din eigen musli med masse energi !

(Make your own musli with lots of energy!)


600g Oats

100g Almonds

100g Walnuts

100g Hazlenuts

100g Pumpkin Seeds

100g Sunflower Seeds

50g Linseed

50g Extra Virgin Olive Oil

100 ml Runny Honey






Pre – heat your oven to 140 C / 120 F.

No Oven ? Not a problem  continue to follow and this can be cooked on your hob or even a pan. If you are set up for outdoor fire cooking then this is perfect in a dutch oven. Perfect for indoor safety use and after your lockdown on all your future adventures.

Blend all the nuts and oats togeher.

Tip : You may need to do this in two stages to not clog your blender. If you do not have a benleder you can chop down your nuts  as image centre, above which is perfect for those extra tiny kitchen spaces.

If you have some extra pop them in a pot and keep as a snack, when you stop by on your future adventures you will be happy you did this.


Add the honey and oil in a jug togeher.

Pour over your nut and oats and lightly mix togher.

Put the Muesli onto a tray lined with paper for 25 – 30 minutes at 140 C / 120 F.

Whichever method of cooking you choose for your space keep checking and spoon over the muesli to make sura all is heated and crispened evenly.

Tip : If you have a hob and you are cooking on top aslong as you use the most sutiable dish or pan for this kind of heat. You must keep spooning and folding the nuts more whilst on heat this way so that the bottom does not burn.


Leave to cool down on a surface or in the oven.

We would like to see your Norwegian Muesli made in your space, tiny, home, unique. Photos and videos, eating or making yourself.

Visit Stitcha and post your photos and videos , Tag @stitchaco and #mystitcha



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