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Tiny Collaborations with Our Cornish Adventure

By Nicole Stitcha on May 06, 2020
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Photography, Jim from Our Cornish Adventure

Stitcha collaborated with Our Cornish Adventure during lockdown after offering them one of our curtains sets. For minmalist reasons they declined and suggested a collaboration idea that fitted with our ethical values.

A we aim to make sustainable choices wherever possible, part of the brand includes testing materials. Sometimes these materials do not print so well but we have no reason to throw these away.

Our Cornish Adventure suggested being gifted these materials in exchange for a giveaway on there Instagram feed @ourcornishadventure.

Jordan from Our Cornish Adventure wished to make a pair of dungarees.

‘As all manufacturers, however hard you try, you always end up with ‘seconds’ (products that are a trip or not fit to sell), unsuitable fabric orders (either by mistake or redesign) or waste fabric (the leftovers from making your products). Between us we agreed that I would pay postage to be gifted this waste fabric from Stitcha. This way Stitcha knows her waste is going to be used and not end up in landfill and we get fun recycled fabric to test out and turn into fun fashion items.’ Jordan @ourcornishadventure

Sticha sent two fabric types one was a synthetic stretchy fabric made from recycled fishing nets. A fabric that we continue to test as we feel the interiors world desreves this fabric. The other a natural organic and certified cotton material.

Jordan shows you how to make these dungarees from start to finish as well as the process of natural dying in the home during lockdown and beyond.

Photography, Jordan from Our Cornish Adventure

We have the time to learn and create and we would love to see you make yours.

#mystitcha and tag both @stitchaco and @ourcornishadventure so we can see yours.

Visit Our Cornish Adventure Making my own dungarees with Stitcha blog post here to view the full method.

Our Cornish Adventure will be making a yoga set next with the recyled fishing net gifted fabric. Stitcha is excited to see how our free embroidered panels are used.

For more Lockdown projects visit Tiny Space Cooking .


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