In 2020 I decided to convert an Ex BT Openworld Ford Transit. This van became a lockdown family project, with the layout handrawn on a piece of paper we set to it to create a Scandi inspired, light, welcoming and spacious tiny space. With a passion to create sustianable accessories from hemp, bamboo and organic cotton I realised their is not a place to listen to others who have these varied and unique spaces. To have a place that we can learn about these homes, layouts, conversion tips alongside everyday life hacks and teachings , adventure and inspiring talks for you.

The Tiny Sessions podcast began in 2021 and has grown organically across Apple, Itunes, Apple, Google, Amazon, Alexa and Spotify Podcasts. From Vans  and Narrowboats to Treehouses and more this is a place to listen and be inspired by others across multiple continents in our world.

‘We need more people like you.’ Mathias, Norway. 

I am a creative, adventurer and actress with a project that began to turn a BT Openworld Workshop van into a mobile store showcasing sustainable items for Tiny living spaces. As this build grew a new idea grew and the Tiny Sessions Podcast was formed.

This popular and growing podcast has become one of the few podcasts in its genre to feature specifically owners of small, alternative spaces.

I speak with every kind of guests. Owners of Vans and buses. To the water with Narrowboats and Barges. From Cabins, and Tiny Houses to the skies with Treehouses.

Every guest has their own unique story. I speak with solo living guests, couples and families. Guests from the United Kingdom, Sweden, USA and more.

Bringing together a community of like minded people with a shared drive for the passion to live an alternative way.

We always begin our podcast discussing the architectural layout of a space but the conversations that follow are enriching. Often we talk about building budgets, saftey and storage tips and ideas.

But educational topics will occur including health topics such as Dyslexia, ADHD and Endometriosis to name a few.

You may have a space yourself and want to know how you can make life living tiny a little easier with couple or solo tips for socialising or moving around the space.

You may have a larger space and wonder how it will work going tiny. Here you will receive advice from home owners that have done just that.

There is also an exciting selection of owners who have created Tiny Spaces for others to stay in for their holidays. These are great episodes that let you find out how you can create a working business, but also gives you valuable advice on how to buy land and create a space for yourself, your home.

And of course travel, adventures, road trips, barge trips. The best way to travel as a solo, couple or even a family. You get an insight into tips on how to travel as a family or how to feel safe as a solo adventurer from the community who have tried and worked.

It is so interesting hearing the similarities as well as varied ideas from different countries and cultural backgrounds and with this podcast I always ask a question at the end, Sustainably, what do you think you or we can do more of ? This question isn’t there to force ideas onto you as a listener but let you learn and know that you do not need to do everything.

As a small business owner who began selling products for the home with a focus on using materials made from bamboo, hemp and organic GOTS cotton. Now you have a space to listen and be a part of a growing community who are finding unique ways to have a home and enjoy life in the best way for them.


‘Love hearing you are on a journey to be a sustainable business. We need more conscious consumerism in the world. Lucyinthesky , Australia 

Stitchas products make your space feel like … ‘ a breath of fresh air.’ Eiric Schoning, Norway

We love … the sustainability of your products and the beautiful simplicity of your designs.’ Urura. UK

Enjoy the adventure.



Founder of Stitcha


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