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Curtains Made From Plants

By Nicole Stitcha on Jul 17, 2020
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‘… it is finally a chance that you can create comfort in your space whilst being more sustainable, still stylish and finding a custom size without having to keep searching.’

We make our decisions based on our ethos to be sustainable where we can. We are always transparent that if a fabric is fire retardant and has to adhere to regulations and can not be sustainable we will strive to keep researching how to make this possible.

Right now we are proud of our choices we have made in such a short space of time and we wanted to share with you our different fabrics that you can choose for your curtains. Aswell as other areas of the company it is finally a chance that you can create comfort in your space whilst being more sustainable, still stylish and finding a custom size without having to keep searching.


1 0 0 %   B A M B O O 

All our bamboo is 100% bamboo, a lightweight feel to your space with the OEKO – TEX Standard 100. *Read below to find out about OEKO – TEX Standard 100. This fabric is an antibacterial, hypoallergenic and resistant against ultaviolet light fabric. With inuslating properties. The bamboo fabric used is easily washable and resist wrinkling. 


C O T T O N 

All our cotton is 100% cotton including the OEKO – TEX Standard 100. Draping well cotton is a biodegradable fabric which is durable and lightweight making this fibre a natural fabric. Letting some light in it is the perfect fabric for not blocking out the world. 

B I O D E G R A D A B L E 

We have mentioned that our cotton and bamboo is biodegradable. This does not mean your beautiful items are going to dissapear one morning. It means that there life never ends. The fabric can be put in soil and biodegrade down and composted in an organic and environmentally friendly manner. Although before this we always encourage reuse, pass your item on to a friend, a store, or turn into a new item if you find yourself longing for new collections of the range.

B L A C K O U T 

100% Polyester –   Along with our Fire Retardant fabric this is our goal to seek a fabric which has all the following properties but of course we strive to change this in the future from polyester.  No light will omit through the fabric and protects from fading in the sun. Including noise dampening propertys this is a thick fabric with therml properties.

F I R E   R E T A R D A N T

Our Fire Retardant fabric is a natural looking, cotton and linen resembling fabric . We strive to continue our research on a fire retardant fabric that passes the correct certification therefore until thn this fabric is currently is made from 100% polyester to hold the fire retardant qualities.

This fabric is self-estinguishing and does not melt or drip when exposed directly to extreme heat.

We are proud that whilst we currently can not achieve our goal of a fully sustainable fire retardant fabric this fabric is also OEKO – TEX Standard 100.


O R G A N I C  C O T T O N  T H R E A D 

We are very proud to use only 100% Organic Cotton Thread meets the stringent standards set by GOTS – the global organic textile standard. With a combed cotton processing we can ensure a strong yet soft thread that adds durability to our products.

G O T S 

When GOTS is seen on the website this means such materials manufacturing is environmentally friendly throughout the whole line of production :  from growing raw materials to finishing fabrics.


O E K O –  T E X  

OEKO – TEX is a registered trade mark. It means that this fabric is competely free from harmful chemicals and safe for human use. The 100 means the fabric has been tested and ceritfied to be free from harmful levels of more than 100 substancs known to be harmful to human health. 



Printed with only hypoallergenic, water-based and odorless inks. These safety of inks meets the international and strict requirement OEKO – TEX Standard 100.

This means the printing process is safe, non harmful and the colours remain deep and bright and the picture does not fade.


P A C K A G I N G 

Packaging is always important. It is not just about the product as much as we love our products. Our packaging began as recyclable carboard , paper envelopes, paper tape and organic cotton twine. As we keep striving for the best our packaging will soon adapt to the nicest sustainable bags, along with recyleable or we always encourage to reuse but new compact boxes our packaging is important and no plastic has ever been a factor of use from the start.  

Whilst we try to order from companies or work with supliers who also package well we are aware that this is still a goal and if we do recieve anything of the such we always makesure we can reuse or give another use before disposing straight away.


F L O W E R I N G   G I F T   C A R D S  

We are proud to not provide wasteful, one time use and throwaway gift cards.  You heard us right, flowering gift cards. Once used watch our IGTV Video on how to plant your gift card. Simply soak in water, plant and watch your wild flowers grow. Keep for yourself as an extra treat or give to a friend and pass the smiles on.


With only two fabrics to adapt as a young company we are proud that we have already achieved our goal of introducing 100% bamboo not just for fashion but for the comfort of your space. You can see how we think about each decision , from fabric to thread to packaging. Welcome to the word of Stitcha and the products that aim to look after our sea and planet as much as we can.


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