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Meet The Family , Evie Johnstone : Photographer

By Nicole Stitcha on Aug 05, 2020
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E V I E   J O H N S T ON E   S T Y L I S T 

o u r   p h o t o g r a p h e r 

As a brand we like to keep things either local or supporting small independents and businesses. 

With this said choosing a photographer to be a part of the Stitcha adventure was easy. 

Recently you may have heard of Evies conversations and brave re-engagment to her past with the Tsunami events that took place all those years ago. Do purchase a copy of Wavelength out now to read this inspiring and true encounter.

But we are biased with Evie being a solid friend of 3 years now but her photography skills encapsulate everthing we require. 

A S  A   P E R S O N 

As a person Evie is adventurous, kind and welcoming. She has the wild free spirit that creates magic and luck wherever she goes. She is a humble lady and inspiring women who knows exactly who she is and what she wants from life. 

It is a pleasure to know Evie and have her as part of the Stitcha family knowing too her brain works as Stitcha does, always thinking of the next adventure and always appreciating the more indpendent and concious livng brands out there.


A S  A  P H O T O G R A P H E R 

Evies photography skills are breathtaking, we hope to oneday get out on planned branded trips which Evie will always say yes to. For us it is about giving Evie the freedom on our next shoot. 

Evie encapsulates every theme asked. On our first shoot we wanted to encompase scandi design that feels light and homely in a seabreeze Cornish setting and we have exciting plans for the next with a more focussed collection. 

During lockdown we contated Evie and were very lucky to be one of few to pin this wonderful lady down. We asked a series of questions about life in our first lockdown and whilst some are in a second or the idea of a second could loom, we hope this conversation inspires you of what we get excited for and what positives come from such experiences and to remind us to not forget what sets our soul on fire.

w a t c h  e v i e  j o h n s t o n e  i n t e r v i e w  h e r e 

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S O C I A L 



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