Meetings with Land Roamers

By Nicole Stitcha on Sep 25, 2020
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M E E T I N G S    W I T H   L A N D   R O A M E R S


We had the pleasure of chatting to ambassadors Land Roamers earlier in the year amongst Lockdown.


If you have not heard this adventurous duos first feature who make up Land Roamers then you can read all about their introduction here .

They own “Big Red”,  ‘our third and latest project was the most challenging build we have done to date. She is a 4×4 off road beast, built to be strong and capable enough to take us deep into the wild. We both love nature and getting off the beaten path, so the further we can travel, the better. Our dream is to one day travel around the world.’


These guys have already travelled to Scandinvia in Big Red, such a beautiful van to countries such as Iceland, Denmark and the Faroe Islands. Their photography skills are to such a high standard and with drone techniques you really feel like you are seeing the real locations to which they travel and explore to.

We checked in with Anthony and Becky during our peak lockdown and asked what is it that is keeping you going ?


‘We’ve just come back from a big trip so it’s been nice to reflect on all the amazing things we got to see and experiences we had and spend some much needed rest time at home. It’s made us appreciate how much freedom we had that we took for granted, and It’s made us more excited to get out and explore again once it’s safe.’


For Stitcha taking the time to reflect on my trip to Norway last may and the future products of Stitcha has been much needed time.


We touched based and asked them if anything has changed since, with things lifting here in the UK. Although as this is written it is clear everything is changing all the time …


‘ The situation is still currently very much the same, any big travel plans have been put on hold until we know more about the situation with covid at home and in other countries.  We are using this time at home to do some maintenance on the van and prepare for some big trips. We have added a lovely big roof rack which carries a spare wheel and changed all of the wheels to Unimog tyres and rim’s, which should really help us when we go off – road in the future. ‘


Then we had to ask what is your favourite Stitcha product / design currently and why ?


Land Roamers straight away said without hesitation – ‘We love the camper van curtains. They are simple but cute and practical.’


So we wondered what are they excited to see coming from the new collection…

‘ We are excited to see the new products in the neutral caramel colourway as this would work best in our van. The wall baskets and vegetable sacks both sound so useful and practical. ‘


We can not wait to get the new van print in the neutral caramel colourway and to see them on the travels around the world. The wall baskets will be perfect to keep those books and accessories tidy and the vegetable sacks are nearly complete. Look out for the Sekk coming to the website first. Shoots are taking place next week.



Thank you Land Roamers

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