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By Nicole Stitcha on Sep 04, 2020
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O u r   C o r n i s h   A d v e n t u r e 

Are Stitchas newest ambassadors and what a duo they are. 

Moving from Essex and taking Cornwall in its stride. With sustainable values at their core and adventure always on the pairs minds. Currently building a beautiful tiny house and living in a static caravan, these two live life to the full. Inspiring us on all things tiny, Stitcha favourites, goals and adventures.


What first drew you to having a tiny space ?

Ware building a house and wanted to save o rent We bought our static home from a friend doing a simililar thing. It’s worked out great, not only have we saved thousand on rent we are also around the building site for security reasons and have made lots of local friends.


When lockdown is over and later we can explore where would you like to visit ?

We bought a T4 campervan just as lockdown started. We’d planned a summer trip to Irealnd to escape the Cornish crowds, we’ll still like to do that at some point.

How do you feel about sustainabe Interiors and what do you feel there needs to be more of ?

Our goal for 2020 was to live more sustainably. So far we are doing really well, taing lttle steps, as each item runs out of needs replacing we are finding a sustainable alternative. It’s a very manageable way to do it. We love iving tiny. It calls for less clutter and less stuff. The minimalistlifestyle suits me.


Out of a Tiny Cabin or a Floathouse what would you choose to live in and why ?

As long as my little family are with me and thei is nature around I am happy and I feel like I am home. We’ve often dreamed about a cabin in the woords or sailing around the world. It’s the escape that draws us.

Which is your favourite Stitcha design and why ?

We love the palms. The large bold organic lines remind us of the ferns that grow in Cornwall. Feels like home.

What do you love about Stitcha ?

That it is for anyone and everyone. That it is handmade. That it has sustainability at its core.

What do you want to see more of from Stitcha ?

I love the art banners. They are accessible to all.

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Thank you Our Cornish Adventure



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