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By Nicole Stitcha on Jun 19, 2020
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During lockdown we aproached selected tiny space owners and adventurers. A chance to find out more about them whilst life has been slowing down and how the current situation has effected them. Find out what they want to see from Stitcha some of which we are excited to be testing this 2020.

What first drew you to having a tiny space ?

I grew up camping and staying in caravans so I think tiny spaces are in my blood ! Once we had our daughter, my husband and I realised we needed a bit more than a tent. A van conversion seemed like the obvious choice. We’re so pleased we did it and I ca honestly say that it’s changed the way we live. We’ve een downsized our house to a small flat as the van has made us realise that ou don’t need lots of space to be happy.

When lockdown is over and later we can explore where would you like to visit ?

We had to cancel our first trip to France in the van as it was planned for the first week of lockdown.We’d love to rebook this and possibly travel further South, through Spain and into Portugal. Scotlan is also very high on the list.

Would you make any changes to your Tiny Space ?

We’re really happy with the layout of th evan but if we’re talking luxuries, then, I’d love to put a window in the back, so that we could look out at the view / sunrise when we’re in bed.

Which is your favourite Stitcha design and why ?

I love the natural vibes from the Palms collection.

What do you love about Stitcha ?

The love that you put into your designs and brand shines through.

Thanks @thesewildadventures

Go check them out and follow their adventures, be inspired and getting planning yours.

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