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By Nicole Stitcha on Jul 24, 2020
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Urura are a duo who make the most beautiful handmade wooden artwork, with their new name the collection is expanding whilst still being inspired by resources of the natural world they are for sure a company worth supporting. 

During the peak of our lockdown and whilst we know that areas, or countries are still in and out of what we hoped to be a one off lockdown we spoke to Urura. A chance to be inspired on what draws these tiny space owners to the world they live in, an honest view on what it was like in lockdown and inspiration for the adventures we can all take and enjoy.


What first drew you to having a tiny space ?

As keen surfers, climbers and nature lovers we were big into our travelling before we bought the van however it was always a toss up which places to go and what toys we needed to take. Paddleboards , kitesurf equiptment and surboards always made travelling around very hard work and airlines charge so much money. The idea of being able to take away with us all the kit and equiptment in the van was a dream come true as we are always able to enjoy our sports depending on condition. The bonus being we can sleep within the perfect location.

How does your averge working day roll in a van for the Native Grain ?

Running our own business along side owning our tiny space means we are flexible with work. We tend to work around the forecast so we will take extra long weekends or even a midweek weekend and work the Saturday and Sunday depending how busy we are.

We are desperately in need of some saltwater therapy ! In drastic need of some good waves …


How has covid 19 affected you and your business and your Tiny Space ?

Unfortunately at the moment lockdown in Wales means we are unable to surf at our local spots due to the excercise guidelines.

The initial scare of covid and lockdown hit us like a ton of bricks. For the first week we didn’t even get a email or enquiry about a single product but we were not worried. We were backed up with orders 3/4 weeks which kept us going and always we were looking forward to having a bit of free time to work on some new ideas and designs we had in mind. After the first month people I think stopped worrying and with people spending lots of time in their homes things have picked up for us we think due to people decorating and buying new things.

(Now you can see Urura are booming with your wonderful support).

If you could travel anywhere after lockdown where would you choose and what top three things would you do ?

We may head up to North Scotalnd for a little adventure. We do have our usual Europe trip in September on the cards as we like to get away after the summer holidays as things start to quieten down but still get some sunshine.

Which is our favourite Stitha design and why ?

It would have to be the van mountain design. I mean what’s not to love about those two things !Our best nights and mornings spent in the van have been at the bottom or on the top of mountains.

What do you love about Stitcha ?

Easy answer. The sustainability of your products and the beautiful simplicity of your designs. It is great to see people getting on board with more sustainable interiors. The community for this seems to be expanding with the help of social meida its helping others with inspiration and makes it easier for people to reah out.

What do you want to see more of from Stitcha ?

Would like to see a throw / blanket in your design. Most people living / travelling in vans need to be cosy and warm and everyone out there is alwayslooking for a unique blanket / throw ( it’s a great way of reaching out to vanlifers as they are always wrapped up in it and they always tag you in the photos ).

(We are pleased at Stitcha to say that their is an exciting new product that Urura will just love coming soon).

Thank you @urura.home


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