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More Plants Less Plastic

By Nicole Stitcha on Sep 21, 2020
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Introducing a sneaky sample of Stitchas Sekk  – bag .

Sekken is nordic for the bag , it is a statement it does everything but lasts with slow living at the forefront.

Just like our choice of cottons where plants are used not plastic. Sekk is being hand crocheted in Cornwall with a new addition to Stitchas fabric choices.

Hemp is a natural plant which not only gives strength to your Sekk for a lifetime.

You may wonder why have we not just used normal cotton yarn. This is where your purchase is made with thought and love.

Cotton uses pesticides, this is why at Stitcha we choose Organic cotton which is a much better option. But even organic cotton uses a lot of water.  Did you know cotton uses upto 20,000 litres of water to produce a pair of jeans.

Hemp is both breathable and insualting which means your items are going to stay fresh along with its anti fingal properties. You can not go wrong.

Whether you use your Sekk to store vegetables and fruit, keep your books tidy or use to go out for a walk.

We could talk about hemp for a long time with it being the only naturally uv restistant fabric.

But for your home knowing your items from Stitcha will last in every aspect is what we all need.

Being hand cocheted right now. Keep updated over at @stitchaco .

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