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Hi there! I am Nicole the Founder of Stitcha,

For those who haven’t heard of Stitcha and it is your first time here:

Who is Stitcha ?

Stitcha is the hub of the Tiny Sessions Podcast, built before the Ex BT Openworld Worshop Ford Transit Van. The Tiny Sessions podcast is a space for everyone and all tiny spaces. 

This Podcast has become one of the few podcasts in its genre to feature specifically owners of small, alternative spaces. Owners of Vans and buses. To the water with Narrowboats and Barges. From Cabins, and Tiny Houses to the skies with Treehouses.

Every guest has their own unique story. I speak with solo living guests, couples and families. Guests from the United Kingdom, Sweden, USA and more.

Bringing together a community of like minded people with a shared drive for the passion to live or travel in an alternative way. 

Amongst our guests are also carefully selected tiny space owners where you can experience staying within their small space. Hearing these discussions gives you a great insight into what it is like having a taster of such a wonderful space.

Often we talk about building budgets, saftey and storage tips and ideas.
But educational topics will occur including health topics such as Dyslexia, ADHD and Endometriosis to name a few.

About me personally, who are you ?
I am a 30 year old caring and fun loving lady who is passionate about tiny spaces, supporting independents and small businesses and creating a passionate community. I have travelled to over 15 countries but now it is time to carry on these adventures my way in the Stitcha showhome. See I have a tiny space too !

I love to hike, see new places and I am always thinking about the next adventure, roadtrippin scandinvia, visiting Hawaii and a locals trip to Cornwall and Scotland.

I am a solo business women and everything earned here helps me juggle this beautiful community alongside making a living with my handmade accessories and curtains.

So how does this all work?
Select the amount that you feel comfortable with contributing every month and patreon will bill you upon signing up, then automatically bill you on the first of every month until you cancel supporting us.

This is your opportunity to join the Tiny House sessions Team! Through Patreon, you have an opportunity to be a part of our journey. By supporting Stitcha here, you’ll help me create content that speaks to you.

I can’t wait to welcome you to this community and let you be inspired by spaces, adventures and more.


Founder of stitcha.co.uk


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Video Podcast

Quitting Work & Finding Our True Happiness – Climbing on the Road | ft. ClimbingVan



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When does new content go live ?  The last Saturday of each month new bonus content is added.

What will the content include ? Each month the content varies but will always include some of the following – Bonus episodes exclusive to podcast VIPS from narrowboat owners to vanlife owners and more all over the world. Tours of some of our podcast guests spaces. Extras content – outside of the recorded podcast. Here the best tips and advice is given. Recipes. Q&A – Questions answered to inspire and give advice/ tips in both video, written and audio format.

What format does the content come in ? A digital way to get access to Tiny Space Tours, Q&A, Audio Tips, Recipes and more. Videos, Audio and PDFS. Easily downloadable to your laptop or phone, in any space or whilst listening in your van on a roadtrip or viewing at night by the fire.

How will I receive the content ? Once a donation is made and you have specified the number of the content(s) you would love to receive I will email you the content directly.

How do I know if knew content has been added, I always miss out on these things … Easy sign up to the newsletter at the bottom of this page. And you will always know when new content goes live.

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