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By Nicole Stitcha on May 27, 2020
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Beadred Outdoors are a husband and wife duo, Joe and Sam and an elderly pug dog Winston.

With there classic red VW Van they explore the UK and Europe and have an Instagram feed to inspire and bring all like minded people together.

Joe and Sam encourage you to get outside in our beautiful planet and explore, even on your doorstep.


We spoke to Joe and Sam during lockdown and inbetween the slight lift of lockdown to ask about there Tiny Space, tavels and love for Stitcha.

What first drew you to having a tiny space ?

We’ve always been fans of surf culture and vintage fashion so when we looked at getting a van a classic VW van was the perfect option. The size of it allows us to easily travel from beach to beach with our boards on the roof and a cool box full of snacks. We often dream about bigger vans but the tiny layout of our van is so easy to manage/clean and it’s beauty is in its simplicity.

When lockdown is over and later we can explore where would you like to visit?

We live on the southern borders of the Peak District so I’m sure we’ll be heading into the hills as soon as we can. It’s within the guidelines now for us to go there for exercise but we believe caution is still required and it’ll be worth the wait. North Devon is our favourite place so we’ll be heading down to Woolacombe for those Atlantic swells.


Would you make any changes to your Tiny Space?

Our van is pretty basic. Too basic for many. It doesn’t have a built in water tank, there isn’t any heating and you have to stoop when getting dressed due to the fixed roof. It’s slow. We cruise down the motorway at 55mph! Saying all that it’s a small and honest vehicle. We’ve traveled around Europe in it for weeks on end. I wouldn’t change a thing!


Can you name three top places to visit ?

We adore the North Devon coast but our top three places are maybe places people haven’t been too.

  1. Cwmtydu in the Cardigan Bay. A tiny pebble beach with cliffs either side. The ocean is clear and you can paddle around the cliffs looking for seals. The village has a tiny cafe and the coast path drops down from the north and cuts through the village before rising up again to continue south. Wild flowers and birds fill the cliffs and the odd deer can be seen amongst the cliff top grasses.
  2. Ramshaw Rocks in the Staffordshire Moorlands. This spine of rocks at the southern tip of The Roaches is a great place to spend the night before a walk through the rocks and boulders the next day. Arrive late and leave early in midsummer before the groups of climbers arrive! The views across the Roaches towards Manchester are breathtaking.
  3. Uwchmynydd on the Llyn Peninsula. The end of the world, or so it seems. Wales is a vast and beautiful country but the tip of the Llyn Peninsula is something else. You drive along narrow B roads until you reach a small village. Then you climb on a concrete road, twisting and turning, jolting and bumping into the clouds. When the clouds drift past you and you peer through the white you get views right down the Llyn and then onwards to Cardigan. Looking west you see Ynys Enlli with its striped lighthouse and green untouched meadows.

Which is your favourite Stitcha design and why?

We love Cacti and textures so your Golden Cactus artwork is so appealing to us. Your  illustrations are beautiful and would look perfect in any van, cabin or tiny space.

What do you love about Stitcha ?

The fact you don’t compromise on quality and ethics to make beautiful items. Also you’re building a community of like minded people around you. Something we at Bearded Outdoors are also doing. It’s important to have these people around us.


Thank you @beardedoutdoors




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