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Jen : For The Love Of Millie

By Nicole Stitcha on Jul 28, 2020
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BORN: Australia
RESIDENCE: Wollongong, NSW Australia
NATIONALITY: Filipino, Italian
OCCUPATION: Photographer



Millie gives us family time, the freedom to travel, go on exciting adventures and a whole new outlook on life. She allows us to get out even if its only for the weekend or short trip. She’s an affordable holiday option! In this fast paced, digital world revolving around work, school, rushing to and from after school sports and activities, homework, dinner, reading; we crave to reconnect as a family and enjoy the simple things in life. Millie teaches our little family to slow down a bit and appreciate the simple things in life.Connecting with people and nature is a life skill some kids are truly missing out on, so these little adventures give us the opportunity to really be present and experience serenity and happiness, which is something that can be really hard to do in a normal busy lifestyle. Millie has been the perfect addition to our family.  



I grew up watching my Dad tinkering and making all sorts of things from furniture to cool gadgets for around the house. He was the one who taught me to pick up a hammer and just give things a go! He was a keen camper and adventurer and owned a pop top camper van when I was young. I can still remember its smell, the rainbow door curtain and playing shops in its large brown annexe; and although we only went on a few camping trips in it, I still reminisce about those fun times…exploring, freedom; the simple things. I wanted to give that to our kids.



I’m a keen photographer and I started my business back in 2008 simply because I love photography. I’m passionate about capturing moments; those treasured moments; and with the birth of my son and daughter, I have realised the importance of preserving those little moments that become tomorrow’s precious memories. My children are growing ever so quickly, and I don’t want those memories to fade too quickly. Life is made up of sweet memories and it’s those memories that make you smile no matter what’s going on in your life. Owning a caravan and adventuring has given me more freedom to get out there and explore and capture all those amazing moments!



I can’t think of a particular moment as everything has been memorable. But our recent time at Shoalhaven Heads was made up of a number of things….It was the enjoyment of the drive to our destination and making light of the language used and challenge reversing the van into our site. It was setting up camp and learning from our mistakes.

It was waking up to those slow morningswiththe sounds of the water rippling in the breeze and listening to the sounds of the dawn chorus of native birds. It was thekidsjumping on their bikes first thing in the morning embracing the freedom andpeacefulambience the park possesses. It was indulging in bacon and eggs for breakky and dousing ourselves in the fresh aroma of that morning cup of coffee.

It was heading out through the daywithour togs on the ready, our towels under our arms, backpack loaded and water bottles filled; equipped to take on whatever the day brought. It was coming home ‘hangry’ to kick back and recharge in front of a movie munching on a late lunch. After the movie, it was all about sitting back and enjoying the serenity of the afternoon whilst thekidswrecked havoc on the parks facilitieswiththeir walkie talkies in toe. It was about being a big kid again and jumping on the jumping pillow and watching thekidsfaces light up thinking how cool their Mum and Dad are; then stumbling awaywithjelly legs, whilst quietly nursing friction burns to our elbows.

It was that wafting smell of sausages sizzling on the burner that brought thekidsback to the campsite, utterly thirsty,withtheir tummies rumbling from pure hunger. It was stepping outside to look straight out at the Shoalhaven River being engrossed by a mesmerising sunset.

It was about eating dinner under the stars and gazing at the moonlight. And it was the thought of knowing we were here for another day, ready to do it all over again. It was all about focusing on what matters and that is, the simple things that make up this world we live in and the fond memories it has given us!

I would love to do a road trip and embrace everything up the east coast of Australia and head north towards Queensland! That would be a dream!!


I wanted a fresh, calm feel. From all the research and pinning I had done, I was initially inspired by Michael and Carlene Duffy’s very first caravan renovation on Vonnie the Viscount back in November 2017.Buying vintage, I also felt it was important to preserve any unique features of the van, like its vintage door handles and hinges, cabinetry and light fittings. I loved the idea of bringing in all the natural elements of nature into the van by using a soft green seaglass palette for the cabinetry, pops of gold for the vintage door handles and hinges and hints of timber, rattan and macrame throughout to hopefully create a warm coastal vintage vibe…….almost like you’re in holiday mode as soon as you step inside. I absolutely love the end result! I think its a everything I envisaged and a little bit more. Its calming and warm and I’ve been told it hits that vintage coastal vibe. The exterior is still original, so that will be a project down the track with a new paint job!








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