Jordan and Jim : Our Cornish Adventure

By Nicole Stitcha on Jul 28, 2020
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BORN: Essex



OCCUPATION: Builder / Teacher (turned business owners)



Our long term foster placement had to leave. We had also just lost four very important men in our lives within two years of each other. We had had a very hard time with our foster placement breakdown and we needed a change.

We had always said “one day we will surf, buy a van and live in Cornwall” In fact when Jim first met my Grandparents at aged Sixteen that is exactly what he said he wanted to do when he grew up.

We are currently enjoying tiny home living in a static caravan on our site near Tintagel, Cornwall, UK as we build our house. Jim has worked in construction since he was Sixteen, taught by my Dad. Seems fitting doesn’t it? So is building the house on his own, with a teeny bit of help from me. We make weekly episodes on Youtube of our progress. We upload every Sunday.

We look forward to sharing our new house with children in foster care once again one day. It is a beautiful place to live. We will have so much more to offer them. For now, however, we are enjoying it being just us again. Along with Hagen, our rescue pup from Greece, we have so many adventures planned.



We both grew up in bustling urban town/village. With Countryside just a skip away. The lights of close by London never excited us as much as jumping in rivers by our home.



We run an eco toy shop and have done for a few years now. It was the perfect way of combining our building and child care skills to create something sustainable and beautiful together. It has been the best way to find true balance in our lives, that suits our sustainable morals.


As teens we were part of Scouts. Together we travelled to Cornwall many times. Our love together grew stronger, in parallel with our love for the south west coast. It was inevitable that we should end up here.

We have just bought a campervan, we look forward to travelling around the UK visiting friends and new secret spots.



We’re currently living in a static caravan whilst we build our home. It’s 420sq ft. We’ve fallen in love with tiny living and look forward to building a permanent tiny house for our future. It is a short walk to a beautiful beach.

Visit Our Cornish Adventure, toy shops here and here.

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