Last Order Date for Stitcha Products 01/10/2021


At Stitcha we are constantly analysing the choices we make and search for better alternatives. This includes the 100 % recycled packaging that your Stitcha product arrives in and the small or independent businesses and makers that we use.

Our material is sourced with ethical choices at the forefront

Proud to provide 100% bamboo material choices, uses little water, keeps your space warm and cool when needed and more. Read more about our fabrics in our product descriptions here.

Fabric is important to us and we are proud to say that our fabric is OEKO TEX 100 certified or GOTS certified fabric.

OEKO TEX 100 certified – such materials has been tested for hardmful substances and that the article therefore is harmless for himan health.

GOTS certified – such materials manufacturing is environmentally friendly throughout the whole ine of production from growing raw materials to finishing fabrics.

Our main ethos is that all materials used must behave this certification ensuring that these materials confirm that the human – ecological safety of textile products have been met through all stages of production.

Whilst I hear you cry that our blackout and fire retardant fabric is made from a Polyester Cotton we are proud to be researching into the development of a recycled alternative, we are ahead and will not stop to change. Until then we have to abide by the all important fire safety interior standards but we are excited to be working on this.

100% of our Packing is recyclable
We wanted to start as we mean to go on and we are proud to say that 100% of our packaging is recyclable even our twine for our hang tags are biodegradable.
Lets keep our future planet ‘zero waste’ keep everything running smoothly so we can adventure more in the beautiful world we live in.

Our printers are a small business and sustainably conscious in their production
We are proud to have a sustainable printer on board. Our printers focus only on sustainable production using only hypoallergenic, water based and odorless inks meeting the strict requirments of the international standard OEKO – TEX Standard 100. The colours remain deep and bright and the picture does not fade.

All our makers are independents or small businesses
Carefully selected independent makers allow us to support small businesses and the working environment that we are in.  We all begin small and it is important to support these companies like you support Stitcha. It is our way of giving back to other independents too.

What you can do ?
When you receive a Stitcha item, share a picture of your product and #mystitcha on our Instagram page. The items are ethical for your alternative space and we would love to spread the word.
Recycle ALL of your packaging, because you can. This even includes the jute on your care labels, its biodegradable.
EVERYTHING is recyclable, we have made the choice to use only, paper, carefully sourced eco card or non coated items.
Our business cards are made from recycled cotton. I know cotton ! T-shirts have been recycled to create a cotton that can be printed on. So eventhough if you do not need your business card and we would rather you re- use or pass on any of our items, everything can be recycled or is biodegradable.
With your lampshades makesure you use only LED efficient lighting to support your carefully ethical crafted products. All Plumen bulbs can be recycled and you can find all information on how to recycle your Plumen accessory on each product page.
Whilst we hope that you keep your Stitcha products for a very long time, we know that interiors change and our designs will change. We would love for you to pass your items on either as a gift or to another so they can enjoy their products second hand and continue the life of the product and reduce land fill.

Product Care
Spot wash or cold wash and hang dry.

We always advise to be etra friendly and try to use eco dry cleaners or eco solutions when cleaning that use less harmful detergents this ensures no strong detergents are used in the process which breaks down the property fibres. Normal machine washing or hand washing is good and your Stitcha product will last well. This also helps save on CO2, water and your product will last longer using a shorter and lower temperature wash. Please do not tumble dry your Stitcha products it is not required here and saves on alot of energy consumption.

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