Tiny Gatherings FAQS

What is it, where is it and when is it?

Tiny Gatherings Festival is a family friendly festival for all tiny spaces. Whether you have a camper, bus, teardrop, shepherds hut or other you are all welcome. You may have roof tents or ground tents, bell tents or a yurt, this is a festival for all tiny spaces.

A place to enjoy each others company in an idyllic setting that is perfect for both Coasts and Castles. A tiny festival with the enjoyment of music, wellness, talks, and more. 

Our resident sauna will be available so you can have a little you time on site.

This is your festival.

It will be taking place from 2nd to 4th September 2022 at a Tiny Gatherings Field near North Gower, Swansea. A beautiful natural location in South Wales which offers both Coasts and Castles.


You can buy your tickets here


Which Ticket do I choose ?


Tickets come in three tiers : 


Standard Ticket : This is a standard priced ticket, for all who are not able to purchase a premium ticket or do not qualify for a reduced ticket.

Premium Ticket : This is a premium ticket but paying a little more you are helping me provide reduced tickets to those that need them.

Reduced Ticket : This is a reduced ticket to anyone on Universal Credit or Low Income.


If you have any ticket enquiries please do not hesitate to send an email to info@stitcha.co.uk

What is included in the price of my ticket?

One ticket provides entry for one person. You can camp from Friday 2nd from 14:00 to Monday 5th until 11am. You will have the opportunity to leave on Sunday should you require as some families may need this option. The ticket is a set pass for the whole duration only. Your toilet and shower facilities will be included in your ticket. You will have access to all music at the festival and any free talks or workshops available. Please note some talks and workshops or activities will be donation or a small fee however this will be made clear upon sign up.

The music line up is including a very special guest visiting from London to make this event. Musicians will be announced soon. And a wonderful warm and relaxed and happy playlist will be playing when live acts aren’t for you all to enjoy.

As the event unfolds a release for who is attending the festival will be announced. Be sure to purchase tickets here so that you do not miss out on this wonderful tiny growing festival with a wonderful tiny community.

Kids are encouraged to play and have fun and enjoy being outdoors at this incredible setting. Kids activities will be announced soon.

Workshops/ Talks and Demos will be provided, where possible some of these will be free. There will be some that may be ticketed or by donation only. This will be clear upon entry and sign up. 

The Tiny artisan market are carefully selected for you to enjoy local and further talent. Please support these wonderful small businesses who will be announced soon.

The Tiny wellness section is a place for you, any wellness activities will be announced soon. 

The Tiny conversion area gives you a chance to talk and ask questions in a relaxed setting. 

All ticket costs go towards the festival site costs. This also includes providing a platform for small businesses to showcase who are not being charged a full fee to enable support for these wonderful companies after a very hard two years. Your ticket enables the festival to go ahead still and each ticket sale enables additional areas of the festival to be unlocked.

Do you offer free tickets for personal assistants ?

Yes, one free ticket is available for any person attending the Tiny Gatherings festival who can not attend without the aid of a designated person.

To receive your free ticket please email info@stitcha.co.uk by supplying one of the following so that a free pass code can be organised :

  • Receipt of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Middle or higher rate DLA for care and/or mobility
  • Evidence of being severely sight impaired
  • CredAbility access card with a +1 category requirement
  • A recognised Assistance Dog ID card
  • Medical / Doctor’s letter (dated within the last 12 months)
  • Award disablement pension card



Which add on do I choose ?

Add ons for your stay come in the following options :

Campervan & Tiny Space pass :  No matter your tiny space you are welcome, this pass is for the duration of the event from Friday 2nd at 14:00 until Monday 5th at 11am. 

Tent Pass : Your tent pass covers all ground tents , including bell tents and yurts should you have one,  this pass is for the duration of the event from Friday 2nd at 14:00 until Monday 5th at 11am. 

Car Park Pass:

Please note if you are staying off site then you will need a car park pass, you do not need to purchase a campervan or tent pass for staying in on site. Even if your car is a van you will only need to purchase one Car Park Pass. The times that you can enter and re-enter will be made clear. 


These passes help go towards the costs of the site and toilet/ shower facilities. 

Other add ons will be added in the near future. These will always be announced on our instagram page @stitchaco so be sure to keep an eye out for Sauna add ons and more.

What are the opening times?

Friday 2nd September at 14:00 until Monday 5th  September at 11am. You may leave on the Sunday should you require of which your ticket is valid for the full duration only and no refunds are given should you need to leave on the Sunday. We ask that nobody leaves early on Saturday unless there is an emergency reason. Should you be staying at another location nearby then we do as that you leave with ease and you may do so.


Do you offer service worker discounts?

Yes, we do please email info@stitcha.co.uk with your proof of employment, and we will return an up to date discount code for you to book right away. The services include NHS, Carer, Armed Forces, Fireman & Police.


Are all the activities in the arena included with my ticket?

Most activities which will be listed in the event details soon and on the website are included with the ticket, however for specific activities there may be a small fee onsite, a donation or a pre fee in the add ons on the ticketing website. All of these will be clear upon sign up and the details of this will be updated before the festival too so families can plan ahead should they wish to.

Can I volunteer?

You absolutely can, it is always wonderful to have volunteers. I used to volunteer myself and it is a great way to visit the festival and area affordably. 

Help is gratefully received this is the first launch of this festival. If you wish to volunteer and a volunteer form is not yet uploaded please email info@stitcha.co.uk

Can I buy a ticket on the door?

Unfortunately we can’t offer any tickets on the door. Please make sure you purchase your tickets as soon as they go on sale to not avoid the disappointment of selling out.

Do you sell day passes?

We will not be selling day passes for Tiny Gatherings 2022. The reason for this is to ensure the focus and goal of the festival remains from the start. The goal is to create a festival for the community to build friendships and meet new people in a safe place. Day passes upon research of other festival members have said that they feel disjointed from the festival but when they stay for the duration they can really relax and meet people. 

Can I leave the site and re-enter?

You may leave the site and re-enter only if you are staying off of site if there are timings for this in the evening and morning this will be made clear to you. We ask that everyone comes to the site with there food stock ready as we will be limited vhericle movement once the festival is underway for safety. 

How can I get to the festival?

The festival is located at the following address : 

Weobley Castle, Gower Sa3 1Hb.  The field is a little bit past the farm gate heading towards Landimore. This will be clear for you.


Is it child-friendly?

Yes! It is so important to have created a family friendly festival. This is a festival for kids to enjoy being kids and be outdoors no matter the age. Please do bare in mind that all adults are responsible for all children on site.  

Where is the festival site?

Is this festival accessible?

This is really important to myself as a festival organiser, and I am pleased to say this festival is accessible. 

 However, please do bear in mind it is a grass field and not tarmac.  There will be an accessible toilet and there are no steps up to any of the venues at the festival but should you need any questions answered please do not hesitate to contact at info@stitcha.co.uk

A free carer’s ticket for those that need this can also be provided.

Please get in touch at info@stitcha.co.uk if you have any specific needs and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Is the festival LGBTQ friendly ?

Yes, absolutely this festival is for all tiny spaces and all people. This is a safe space, and any behavior but kindness will not be tolerated and you will be able to contact security or any staff should you need. All toilets are LGBTQ friendly and I can not wait to meet everyone. 

Campervans, Camping & Parking

My tiny space is not finished. Can I still bring it?

Yes – please do this is the best part. Once complete you can not go back. It is so nice to see peoples’ spaces before finishing. It also gives you an opportunity to ask questions to fellow campers and they can help visually. 

I don’t own a van, can I still come?

Absolutely. There are going to be such wonderful people to talk to from all kinds of tiny spaces but also outdoor adventure folk too. In fact often campervan and van owners want to up or downsize or go from the road to land or even boat. This is your chance to get all of the information and knowledge you need in a casual setting by chatting to others.

Will there be space for social distancing?

Yes this festival is in a large field and should you feel you need space it will be easy to find. 

Parking – will there be any and how much is it?

Car / Vehicle Parking passes are available online in the add ons section, with Blue badge holders not needing to buy a Car / Vehicle Parking pass. Should you be a blue badge holder please register by emailing info@stitcha.co.uk 

Remember if you are staying in your tiny space this includes one car next to your space only anymore then you will need to purchase a car parking pass. Please bare in mind your parking may be situated in an area of the field near the entrance and exit. And times when you can leave and re enter safely will be made clear to you.

How much is a campervan & tiny space pass?

£25 – A fee needs to be charged to help towards the cost of the site and toilet facilities. This pass is for Friday 2nd September from 14:00pm – Monday 5th September until 11am.


Can I bring my dog?

We have made a limited number of pet tickets available, these can be purchased in the add ons section under Dog Pass, these are for well behaved dogs only. This is a first trial of this and if successful it will enable this offer to be available each year. The dog pass fee will cover facilities needed for your dog such as dog waste bins. 

If you require the assistance of a dog, please email info@stitcha.co.uk with proof of this so that the appropriate code can be forwarded to receive a free dog pass.

Further details are in the T&Cs please do read these before purchase.

What are the restrictions on bringing dogs?

Dogs are a part of tiny space living and the outdoor and adventurous life. We know that most dog owners are extremely responsible but we wish to deter any owner who isn’t. 


What we ask from you as a dog owner :



  • Dogs must be well behaved and kept on a lead at all times.
  • Their dog mess must be cleared up at all times, if this is not completed then dogs will not be allowed at future events. If you become stuck please ask for a dog mess bag. Please do not leave the mess and come back to it as children will be playing in the area.  
  • If dogs are behaving aggressively, upsetting children or causing a disturbance, please remove them from the situation immediately. 
  • We don’t allow dogs listed on the Dangerous Dog act. 
  • Dogs must be kept in the festival field at all times. The area is near a farm and we must respect the owners land and livestock. 
  •  There will be an area designated for walking your dog, please ensure your dog only walks in this area and you feel comfortable that your dog will come back to you. 

What facilities will be available?


Coming soon 


Coming soon


Food and Drink

There will be hot food for sale all day every day and served with everything you need –  if you want to bring your own plates and cutlery that’s even better. We encourage reusables. 

Food will include vegan and gluten-free options.

There will be drinks from tiny space businesses available. Should you have your own re- usable cup for hot, cold or alcoholic drinks then please do use this, this is the preferred way. We would like to encourage reusable cups.

We would like to discourage disposables on site and keep the beautiful area and waste of the festival sustainable and kind. 

Food and drink is priced affordably – they are amazing small businesses in tiny spaces, please support these wonderful companies by purchasing their amazing food and drink.

Do I need to bring cash?

Card options will be available however, please note there will be no cashpoint on site and while some traders may accept cards, others may not. 

It is always a good idea to stop at the cashpoint on the way. You are in a beautiful natural area of South Wales and technology may not be on your side at all times. This means you have your card option but can still purchase from all the lovely traders on offer or give donations for workshops that request. 

What are the site rules and restrictions?

  • Tiny Gatherings prohibits any of the following items to the Tiny Gatherings Field and surrounding areas. Flares, Floating / sky lanterns, Fireworks ( Including sparklers, unless organised by Stitcha of Tiny Gatherings), Generators (unless agreed by Stitcha), Lasers, Drones or other airborne apparatus, Any items with an intention to retail without prior arrangement ,Nitrous Oxide,Sound systems, Body piercing equipment. No involvement in or throwing items into a fire; Air horns, selfie sticks, cans, Chinese lanterns, dangerous or hazardous weapons/items, flags, banners, poles, glass (of any kind unless kept inside your camp space), high-vis, klaxons; and other similar items capable of making loud noise, laser pens, spray cans unless agreed by the promoter for participants, marker pens are prohibited and any other items which we consider to be unsafe or pose a risk to public safety and/or security. Inappropriate signs or branded items, illegal substances, “legal highs”.


  • Strict Speed limit of 10MPH at all times to keep everyone safe.
  • No waste – please keep and leave the field better than when you arrived.
  • Be Kind and Caring.


We operate a zero tolerance on drugs/legal highs. Laughing gas is illegal and will not be tolerated. This is a family friendly festival please keep it that way. Anyone who does not abide by this rule will be removed from the site and will be arrested if necessary. 

Can I bring alcohol?

Yes you are welcome to bring your own reasonable amount of alcohol but only non glass items can make it to the festival site. 


If you bring your own alcohol you can not bring any glass on the festival site. This needs to be a safe place for all including your wheels and tiny feet as children will be on site.  


This decision is to keep your space safe- the site, patrons, tiny feet and your wheels safe.


Can I use an awning?

Yes, absolutely ! However, please be respectful and mindful of your neighbours’ space, and do not encroach.


I’m staying in a tent, am I allowed to use cooking equipment?

You may use cooking equipment but the positioning must be no less than 3m from any vehicle or gas bottles. And 2m from any tent. 

You are only allowed to cook on a facility that is off of the ground.

 No disposable bbqs are allowed. These will not be accepted as they can not be disposed of or positioned safely. 

You are permitted to cook on small gas camping stoves in the campsite only that are on a firm and level surface, not on the grass.


Are campfires allowed?

We are working on creating a communal campfire area. Campfires within your individual camping areas are not permitted. 


Can I park next to my tent?

Yes, your tent pass includes one vehicle only. Should you require a second vehicle you will need to purchase a car park pass.


Are there showers?

Further information coming soon


Are there washing up facilities in the campsite?

There will be no washing up facilities in the campsite. Should you need this facility for plate washing/babies bottles etc then we recommend self-boiling water.


What should I do with my rubbish?

There will be bins available on site, and please recycle as much as possible. Always remember to leave the field better than when you arrived so this festival can come back next year and we can keep nature safe.


You can buy your tickets here

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