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Tiny Projects : Plan & Remember Your Adventure

By Nicole Stitcha on Aug 25, 2020
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During Lockdown we were unable to explore, some of you are still sheilding or you might be not quite ready to adventure all the time or too far. Keeping safe is important so during lockdown we invited you to create a map of your road trip inspired by Pine & Pins  here is Stitchas and Bearded Outdoors roadtrip plans and previous trips.


Use this as inpiration like we were inspired by PinePins. Many trips have been posponed until next year. Stitcha draws inspiration from our travels, the places we visit and long to visit.

Now we are a little less restricted so we can make the most of our local area and plan trips to support near to us too.


You could even map out a previous trip like Bearded Outdoors it i the perfect way to log a trip , a memory, a keep sake or even to re route again in the future. Try it !

Where are you going to plan your trip to. Our next map is Hawaii. This is perfect do draw out in the sunshine or on a rainy day. We recomend choosing your map layout and tracing around and then enjoy plotting your trip, by road, hiking, if you need to train or even better boat or train.


Share your Tiny Adventure Maps and inspire others by tagging @stitchaco and #mystitcha in your post over on our instagram feed @stitchaco .

R E M E M B E R  A N D  C R E A T E  N E W  M E M O R I E S

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