Tiny Sessions From the Mongol Rally To Building An Overland Expedition Truck | ft. Builditoverland

By Nicole Stitcha on Jun 25, 2021
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Chris a 30yr old Chassis engineer has a long history building and restoring cars. This is the podcast to get tips from an industry professional who impulse brought an amazing expedition truck.

A love for van life which started after a backpacking trip in Thailand. We chat about how Chris did the Mongol Rally and his mission to build his own truck. Talking tips from a professional on how to combat rust, what you don’t need to worry about when purchasing a moving space. And Chris’s passions to utilise rain water whilst on the road.

Gun Turret, Infrared and everything you need to be a stealth camper. This is such a unique space with so much history and with such  a high spec plan.

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