Tiny Sessions Navigating Vanlife As A Couple – Work & Mental Health | ft. Onthefreeside

By Nicole Stitcha on Jun 12, 2021
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Indie & Joel, are a  nomadic couple from Sweden who live full time in their self converted van Luna.

They started their van journey in June 2020 after three very confusing and uncertain months, they had just rushed back home to Sweden after an almost 2 year long trip around the world due to covid-19 and didn’t know what to do.

Both Indie & Joel had dreamed of living van life since long before they met and this just seemed to be a really good opportunity to take the time to do it. After a lot of research, on June 14th they finally bought her, a Mercedes Sprinter 315 CDI from 2008. The conversion took them about 8 months, while working full time and studying, they had a lot of ups and downs but with the help from friends, family and this amazing community they got there in the end and they are so grateful and happy!

We chat about the role reversal when renovating the van. How to navigate a small space as a couple and still have you time. What it means to have Endometriosis and how to have a health away lifestyle that allows you to slow down.

Photography : @fotografjennifernilsson

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