Tiny Sessions Putting Fear To One Side And Buying A Bus – Travis Ans Jannette | ft. Gus The Wanderbus

By Nicole Stitcha on Oct 29, 2021
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In this Episode I chat to Travis & Janette the owners of a Mercedes Vario Bus.

The clocks have turned back in the UK and for across the world winter is coming. This is an episode for everyone.
These two 40 year olds inspire any age and give the most helpful life and parenting advice we all need at any stage in our lives.
From laughing and bus builds from the start. To the most interesting topics from life changing health moments to discussing the fear factor.
From schooling and how we should or shouldn’t teach our children or future children to breaking the norm and living your life.
To community and social media and how that effects us or helps us.
The most inspiring conversations to make yourselves have and feel the confidence to just do it. Whatever that may be.  For Travis & Janette that is the freedom to explore and travel and the memories and the experience.

‘Live today and when that days finished go back and live today differently’. About Time Film.
Gus The Wanderbus .

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