Tiny Sessions Tulip Barges, Kitchen Storage and Living Life My Way – Beck | ft. Beck Spoke

By Nicole Stitcha on Sep 23, 2021
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In this Episode I chat to Beck the owner of a Tulip Barge.

Beck has always been creative she puts this talent down to her dyslexia, she was always making dens and being outdoors is a part of her. And tiny spaces evenmore so because Becks dream is to build and design unusual spaces for people too enjoy. We need more of that please.

An ex muscician with a host of proffesional skills in fashion and photography Beck was instantly drawn to alternative spaces.

Having lived in an unconventional way for over 5yrs. Beck brought her first van in 2016 and  then a second but empty van which became a  home for 18 months until the boat was purchased which has been home for 2 years.

‘Im now 36 and single, i know my journey that i have encountered to get today was all needed to understand what i really desire in life. I now know i love to build, create, forage, be in nature and LOVE every opportunity that comes to me! Im more up for a ‘slower paced’ life style.’
Beck Spoke.

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