Two Individuals Forming A Unique Bond Through Vanlife – Katy & Tom | ft. Katys_Squares

By Nicole Stitcha on Jan 28, 2022
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Katy – I started working full-time in the care and support industry age 16, I’ve worked in A&E, in a mother and baby hostel, specialist schools and supported accommodation. I’ve been paying for various different types of rented accommodation since age 18.

Tom – Tom left for a gap year at age 18 but the gap year turned into a life full of travel. He has done all sorts of travelling from family trips to see relatives in Dubai to a 3 month solo hitchhiking trip with only £3 in his bank. He has worked various different jobs on the way to fund his travels such as a butcher’s assistant, a hostel manager and extra work in film and TV.

Us – me and Tom met via the dating app Hinge during the first lockdown of the pandemic. We spent the first month chatting every night on video calls and then the first time Tom met me in person he moved in with me. We have lived together since in 3 different homes – the shared house I was renting a room in when we first met, Toms parents house when we built the van and now (and for the last ten months) our self-converted van. I quit my job in the hospital in January when we moved in to the van and since then we have travelled around England, Wales, Scotland and now Europe. We work various jobs on the road from cleaning toilets at festivals to gardening work we found on Instagram.

From the realities of vanlife and what vanlife brings to two individuals and forms a unique bond . @katys_squares

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