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Tiny Sessions VIP Content

Host: Nicole Herridge

Bonus content to the Tiny Spaces Podcast .

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Bonus Episodes

3) Bonus Ep. Audio

The journey of building your dream space, land, sustainable thoughts and designing a little slice of luxury on your budget – Patrick |ft. Kosel Treehouses

Kosel Treehouses is made up of a beautiful family of four, owners Patrick and Madeline new their dream and have taken what for many is an overwhelming thought and created that dream space, including two humble but stylish treehouses nestled amongst the Cornish hills. Such an inspiring listen for those of you who are wanting to build spaces for others or your own.

2) Bonus Ep. Audio
From taking Jennys family around the world backpacking to purchasing a bongo van to live life to the full with a little family – Jenny | ft. Travelynnfamily
And visit PeakDistrictKids here.
Jenny a family of four gives us the most insightful tips on how to make the most of your family holiday allowance. How having kids does not stop you from travelling and how we need to just make the most of life. Such an inspiring listen for those of you who wish to have a family or have a family and even if you don’t those tips on how to utilise work and holidays to make your lifestyle work to travel is so valuable.
Watch a preview here :
1) Bonus Ep. Audio
From backpackers to narrowboat dwellers, the normalities of intrusive thoughts and creating a layout that works for you – Adam | ft. Adamfloatinghome
And visit Adams Podcast here.
Adam lives on a beautiful Narrowboat with his partner Lauren. Used to travelling around backpacking they decided to find a tiny space that worked for them. We chat about how a tiny space can feel big and plentiful. How layouts in a space when designing do not have to all be the same. Aswell as an insightful chat on how the thoughts we have are normal and the meaning of intrusive thoughts and looking after your wellbeing.
Watch A Preview Here :


Tiny Space Tours – coming soon

Q & A Sessions – coming soon


Full Podcast Video

2) Full Podcast Video.

Quitting Work & Finding Our True Happiness – Climbing on the Road | ft. ClimbingVan

3) Full Podcast Video.

Navigating Vanlife As A Couple – Work & Mental Health | ft. Onthefreeside

4) Full Podcast Video.

Saying Yes To A Dream And Navigating Life On A Narrowboat | ft. Littlefloatinghome

5) Full Podcast Video.

From the Mongol Rally To Building An Overland Expedition Truck | ft. Builditoverland

6) Full Podcast Video – Bonus Episode

From backpackers to narrowboat dwellers, the normalities of intrusive thoughts and creating a layout that works for you – Adam | ft. Adamfloatinghome





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When does new content go live ?  The last Saturday of each month new bonus content is added.

What will the content include ? Each month the content varies but will always include some of the following – Bonus episodes exclusive to podcast VIPS from narrowboat owners to vanlife owners and more all over the world. Tours of some of our podcast guests spaces. Extras content – outside of the recorded podcast. Here the best tips and advice is given. Recipes. Q&A – Questions answered to inspire and give advice/ tips in both video, written and audio format.

What format does the content come in ? A digital way to get access to Tiny Space Tours, Q&A, Audio Tips, Recipes and more. Videos, Audio and PDFS. Easily downloadable to your laptop or phone, in any space or whilst listening in your van on a roadtrip or viewing at night by the fire.

How will I receive the content ? Once a donation is made and you have specified the number of the content(s) you would love to receive I will email you the content directly.

How do I know if knew content has been added, I always miss out on these things … Easy sign up to the newsletter at the bottom of this page. And you will always know when new content goes live.

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